about me 

Height: 6'1"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black   |   Vocal Range: Bari-tenor, Low F-A



John W. Engeman Theatre   |   In the Heights |   Benny


VA Repertory Theatre  |   In the Heights   |  Benny


VA Repertory Theatre   |   Violet   |  Flick


VA Repertory Theatre   |   The Color Purple   | Harpo


VA Repertory Theatre  |   Peter and the Starcatcher  |   Prentiss


VA Repertory Theatre  |   The Music Man |   Tommy Dijilas


Firehouse Theatre   |   The Wild Party   |  Mr. Black


Firehouse Theatre   |   Rent  |  Benny


Firehouse Theatre   |  The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity   |   Chad Deity


Hiss-A-Puss Productions   |   Goodish: The Movie   |   Sean

USC, Cinematic Arts   |   The Learning Curve  |  Reggie


Conflicts upon request- includes 6 regional spots and 8 industrial shoots



BFA, Theater Performance, Virginia Commonwealth University
Acting: Ritual Poetic Drama- Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates | Stanislavski- Dana Giampiccolo-Henke |
Chekhov- Josh Chenard | Shakespeare- Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates | On Camera Acting- Lorri Lindberg |
Archetypes- Janet Rodgers
Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap -Patti D’Beck, Susan Massey and Leslie Ownes-Harrington
Voice: IPA- Olisa Enrico | Shakespeare- Thomas Cunningham | Dialects- Jacquelynn Camden-Gay 









Pre-Broadway workshop of Amazing Grace  |   Gabriel Barre and Benoit-Swan Pouffer

  30 Second Spotlight Commercial Casting Director Intensive   |   Ken Lazer

 God I Hope I Get It! Musical Theatre Intensive   |   Stephen Kopel

Nail the Audition Theater Intensive  |  Benton Whitley

Acting in Song Musical Theatre Intensive   |   Dale Brown

Advanced Film Audition Technique Film Casting Director Intensive   |   Harley Kaplan

How To Audition for Primetime TV Television Casting Director Intensive   |   Instructor

How To Audition for Primetime TV Television Casting Director Intensive   |  Tiffany Little-Canfield


 Special Skills 

Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Ping Pong, Squash
Dialects: Caribbean, Cuban, RP, Cockney, Irish, Southern
Other: Finger-snap drumming, beat-boxing, kit drummer, can jump pretty high, bubble bottom lip with Jetsons sound, trumpet puffy cheeks, can snap pretty darn loud, front handspring, round-off, cartwheel, walking on hands, driver’s license, CPR certified

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