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"Shea Gomez (Nina) and Josh Marin (Benny) who play star-crossed lovers pair beautifully together. Their voices, which by the way are splendidly spot-on, blend together in a delightful way. "


- Richmond Family Magazine


"Josh Marin is charming as Benny..."


- Times of Huntington-Northport 



"...Josh Marin steals every scene as Flick, a young soldier she meets on the bus..."


- Style Weekly



"With such a rich foundation, later scenes involving supporting characters such as Mister's son Harpo (Josh Marin) and Harpo's wife, Sophia (Desiree Roots Centeio), are that much more rewarding."


- Style Weekly



"Josh Marin delivers a lighthearted and energetic performance as Mister’s son Harpo. His interactions with Desiree Roots Centeio who plays the defiant and self-assured Sofia are lively and touching."


- Richmond Family Magazine,


"Josh Marin brings youthful energy, charm and charisma to Mister’s son Harpo."


- ShowBizRadio


"In contrast, Josh Marin is relatively quiet and demure as Mr. Black, and his almost parental concern for Queenie serves as the most emotionally genuine aspect of the show.

The middle of the musical includes some nice down-tempo moments that give the proceedings some gravitas, culminating in Marin’s show-stopping “I’ll Be Here.”"


- Style Weekly


A Richmond Family Magazine Feature Article:

Get to Know Josh Marin!


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